Heritage Farms

Resort - Alibaug

Heritage Farms is a lovely hill side resort located at the foot of the Kankeshwar Hill near Alibaug. Situated just 8 kms from Mandwa beach, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway for everyone from Mumbai and Pune.

Heritage Farms is a holiday resort for all seasons. It strives to provide a relaxing experience that is essentially local. In the monsoons, lush green foliage envelops the space, fireflies pay visit on summer nights, while our guests spend their winter evenings around an inviting bonfire. You will find clean, simple rooms at this resort near Alibaug and our welcoming staff is always ready to assist you with anything you may need. We look forward to your visit. You will find our contact details here.

Get away from the hassles of
city life...

...and experience the quiet
village life.

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You are
152kms Away